Thursday, June 10, 2004


Just Humor Me a Little Will You...Or I Shall Not Be Amused!

Being a Scorpio lass with Celtic roots and a contrarian sense of humor residing on a prominent island (and former British colony) in the Pacific ocean, I decided to install myself on a throne.

After all, what does one do with two given names like "Victoria" and "Elizabeth" except give oneself a few royal airs. Hence my moniker, The Quipping Queen.

Every now and then, when the spirit of serendipity strikes me, I shall be making a few royal observations about life not to mention the odd proclamation or two just to practice my benovolent "leadership" skills.

In case you're wondering where "The King of the Castle" is...quite frankly I don't know. A few years back, if I recall, perhaps during a mid-life crisis moment, he decided to join the Knights of the Rectangular Table (KORT) so he could practice his damsels-in-distress life-saving skills, obtain a tittilatingly trivial title after his name plus a gaudy glass-framed "Certificate in Chivalry" from the Royal Institute of Very Important Stuff.

Anyway, do stay tuned to this blogging channel for late-breaking news from Neither-Here-Nor-There-Land, and its ripsnorting ruler..."The Quipping Queen" (of Quidnuncs).



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