Friday, May 12, 2006


Or, whom would you nominate for the “Wondrous Waste of Time Award”?

By Ovid Publius Hadweenzic, Ph.D. (a pretty happy dude), whose absent-mindedness makes him a shoe-in for Dean of Do-Nothing at the Creative Loafing Institute, (where he practices the art of losing one's train of thought, looking down's one's nose at others, or fulfilling his destiny as a locquacious luminary when he's not otherwise engaged in twiddling his thumbs and contemplating his navel during a proverbial yet piddling if not altogether pointless committee meeting)

This being the “Year of the Canine”, it seems only fitting that recognition should be given to all those who toil tenaciously to become lapdogs, show-dogs and the ever elusive top dogs.

Many attend prestigious institutions of higher learning where they learn the art of how to wag their tongues and tails to impress their masters, receive larger bones and treats, or at least avoid being banished to the doghouse for eternity.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, not to mention a doubtful dose of deep deliberation, “The Save the Committee to Save Committees”, is pleased to announce that twenty oddly named quirky committees have been nominated for the inaugural “Wondrous Waste of Time Award” - sponsored by the “Wassup & Whatchamcallit Society” (WAWS).

This year’s long-winded list of lollygagging lip-laborers include:

  • Bare Facts Committee

  • Blame It On The Cucumber Committee

  • Committee For Being Fluffy

  • Committee of Wise Men

  • Committee Overseeing X-Words, Roving Awards, Textually Hilarious Verbiage & Omnipresent Nonsense

  • Cricket Committee-Playing

  • Extras of the World Unite Committee

  • International Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Carolina Shag & Hustle Committee

  • Joint Committee of the Higher Education & Entertainment Communities

  • Mega Man Robot Naming Committee

  • Save The Time Squad Committee

  • Save This Date Committee

  • The Evolution Control Committee

  • The Odd Odd Odd Committee

  • The Pulpit Committee

  • The Illusion of Safety Committee

  • The World Flying Disk Ultimate Committee

  • Unintentionally Hilarious Resources Committee

  • Urban Homesteading Task Force

  • WEEE Directive

Readers are encouraged to email, (before December 31, 2006), their choice of committee to receive the first “Wondrous Waste of Time Award”. (NOTE: Additional nominations will be accepted provided our panel of judges can agree on where and when they can meet, plus the all-important issue …what’s on the menu for this special occasion).


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