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For Immediate Release - March 9, 2005


VICTORIA -- The capital of British Columbia will play host on April 1, 2005 to the 1st Annual “Feast of Fools”, in honor of the city’s most coveted award as a “Cultural Capital” of Canada, and the disparaging shortage of greeting cards on store shelves to mark the celebration of "All Fools Day".

Organized by F.O.P.S. (the Fools on Parade Society), this festive folly will raise awareness of and support for the valuable and vital role performed by the fool in our society.

President of FOPS, Pierre Buldoo (CEO of, a newly-minted, jest-in-time™ technology firm of nerds and noodleheads) stated in a recent interview, “We stand behind this event because it exemplifies the saucy spirit of all those who make this 'Land of Flakes, Fruitcakes and Nutbars' home.”

FOPS event coordinator, Iona Buttsworth, (the former Duchess of Dither), indicated that “this odd occasion will appeal to everyone who wants to let their 'Inner Fool' come out to play after dark.” She added that “besides mixing, mingling and munching, the ‘Feast of Fools’ encourages people to show off their hilarious haberdashery, strut their silly walks, or simply sally forth in their most outrageous outfits…not to mention a fine opportunity for flibbertigibbets to sing soppy songs, flaneurs to recite loopy limericks, and flapdoodlers to draw a droodle or two”.

Tourism officials are said to be quite elated at the prospect of a “boon in buffoons” to the local economy.

Costume rental shops report brisk business in trying to keep up with the insatiable demand of name-dropping nincompoops looking for funky fashions and gaudy gowns to wear for the event.

Paparazzi, politicians and port authorities are falling all over themselves to be first in line to welcome the "Ship of Fools" expected to dock with a VIP aboard.

The vaudevillian vessel, carrying all manner of vanity-conscious voyageurs, also includes a little-known, ripsnorting royal named HRH “Victoria Elizabeth” (a.k.a. “The Quipping Queen”). “She-who-must be obeyed”, (as she is sometimes referred to by her false friends and wonky well-wishers), will be accompanied on this official visit by an eclectic entourage of quirky courtiers led by Viscount Bedfont (a somnambulant sexagenarian).

Press Secretary for “The Quipping Queen”, Count Guidobaldo Le Touquet, indicated that “oodles of Boffos and Bling Blingers, not to mention Joy-Riding Jokesters and Happy–Go-Lucky Hoodwinkers, plus an assortment of Goofy Goddesses, Moxie Mavens and Spunky Sprites will have a jolly good time on this auspicious occasion!”

Dr. Thor Trewoofe, Professor Emeritus of Laughing Matters, recommended that “those with light heads and light hearts wear fanciful fool’s caps and dazzling dunce hats so as to distinguish themselves from marginally merry souls if not mirth-challenged mortarboard members of Victoria’s three esteemed Ivory Tower Institutes of Inklings.”

For just $5 plus the cost of a barmy beverage (with a very long, not to mention impressive, foreign-sounding name) or a simple snack (with a short but incredibly snooty moniker), fools may rush in and enjoy the high jinks, tacky treats, and piffling prizes as well as applaud the winners of some very incredulous achievements.

Date: Friday, April 1, 2005 (April Fools' Day)

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: James Bay Coffee & Books
143 Menzies Street
Victoria, British Columbia* (Canada)

NOTE: Proceeds from this event will go to the volunteer vixens and delightful divas from the "Dialogue Strings Circle Society" of Victoria.


* In the heart of beautiful downtown Victoria, British Columbia conveniently situated not far from the major Inner Harbor tourist attraction, a delightfully decorated Pecksniffian playground, known affectionately as the Provincial Legislature.

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All hoodwinking hounds will truly appreciate the urban myths and theories abounding regarding the origin of April Fool's Day. So, for those with an insatiable appetite for foolish factoids, let your fingers fly over the keyboard to the folks from SNOPES :

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