Thursday, November 17, 2005


Or, whoa... where’d you get it?

Compiled by Truman Tockholes, a questor in search of questions, and sometimes the blooming answers, provided people are willing to part with them in a pleasing fashion.

Do you know how many web pages are devoted to answering the question, “Where did you find that?” Believe it or not, at last count, some 81,900 give or take a few pages!

So, here are a few of the choicest answers to this question:

1. Where did you find that information? Answer from an air-headed student of arts (minus an odd assortment of letters), “In my room-mate’s dictionary...where else?”

2. Where did you find that Oriental Rug Mouse Pad? At of course!

3. Where did you find those creepy crawly critter paper clips? At the Salvador Dali Museum Gift Shop –

4. “Pooh”, he said, “where did you find that pole?” Pooh looked at the pole in his hands. “I just found it”, he said. “I thought it ought to be useful.”

5. Where did Thunderbird from Zelda2 come from? Find out on a forum at a place called naturally!

6. Where did you find those great images? Well from NASA’S online Goddard Space Flight Center, “Global Change Master Directory” of course!

7. Where did you find that beautiful unicorn? At!

8. Where did you find that, (in reference to antiques and collectibles)? Answer: It isn’t easy. Wish we had a secret source it is just a lot of hard work and fun constantly searching for items. But in the meantime, check-out

9. “Where Did You Find That” was a best seller according to the Ephemera Society,

10. Where did you find that? Answer: I am not aware of any simple relation between the time-domain autocorrelation function and the pitch of the signal. Please see the following site if you have an abiding interest in such matters:

11. It's not the sort of thing you hang from the ceiling, waiting for someone to say, "Oh where did you find that?" just so you can answer: "Oh, we stumbled on this brilliant little junk shop in the Basque country last summer." (We’re talking about a trusty Breville sandwich maker here if you please!)

12. By-and-by he met a bear, who stopped and said: ‘Where did you find that fish, Mr. Fox?’ ‘Oh, not far off,’ answered he; ‘I just stuck my tail in the stream…” (from the Brown Fairy Book by Andrew Lang: “The Fox and the Lapp”).

13. Where did you find that? Answer: “It flew into my room the other night”. (For more accurate details, please visit

14. Where Did You Find That? is a very valuable resource for teachers and teacher-librarians according to the Saskatchewan Federation of Teachers.

15. Vintage toys are pretty much toys that members of the Baby Boomer generation would look at and say, “Where did you find that?”, according to Tyler products on


But for those who simply adore exploring off the beaten-path thingalings that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face, please visit one very eccentric if not eclectic spot full of mood-lifting wearables and hangables at the "Pinwheel" --, or another excellent source of ephemera at

And for those who're into "Eureka" events, no doubt the strange-looking beastie above will intrigue you. Some will even be glad to know it's the debut of a brand-new dinosaur named "Centrosaurus brinkmani", a previously unknown Cretacious species only 76 million years-old. (It's the first new dinosaur since the 1970s to be named based on complete skeletal materials found in Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta.) For more details, see

A distant, smaller relative of the well-known triceratops (who lived about 10 million years after it), the new species of horned dinosaur was first first described by Dr. Michael Ryan, head of vertebrate paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Dr. Tony Russell, a zoology professor at the University of Calgary and depicted by Mark Schultz in 2005. The docile vegetarian with distinctive spikes (no it's not a hairdo!), is named in honor of Dr. Donald Brinkman, a paleontologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum near Drumheller, Alberta.


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