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November 24, 2006

Victoria Elizabeth Is a B.A.D. Blogger

ME Strauss wrote this at 8:41 am:

Blogger A Day Call: Hello is Victoria Elizabeth there?

Don’t tell the folks in England, but the folks in Canada are only pretending. They might speak to the monarchy over there, but they have a queen over here. She must be royalty. Not only is she called the Quipping Queen, her name is Victoria Elizabeth. You can’t get more stately than a name like that.

Victoria Elizabeth and I have lot in common — she’s a Quipping Queen and I’m a saloonkeeper’s daughter.

Once we said hello, Victoria Elizabeth and I spent 3.2476549388254 seconds on the weather and another 2.99875655 seconds talking about her work experience. Victoria Elizabeth, aka the Quipping Queen, was in Business Development and Strategy. Then she found she liked it better, putting those skills to work as a consultant. She’s been online in one form or another since 1994.

Maybe it was QQVE’s online experience or perhaps it was her royal influence, but we were quickly off the surface and deep into human behavior. We talked about the individuality of bloggers, about how fiercely independent we are. Our conversation included the difference between networking online and networking in person. The Quipping Queen suggested that online connections are specific and narrow — if I want to know about some obscure something, it’s easier to find people who are into just that — blogger relationships are more efficient than real world relationships in that way.

I get jazzed when someone hands me a thought I haven’t had before. I’ll be cooking that one for few months or so.

Victoria and I talked about small talk and perceiving information, how they are really the two ends of one linear spectrum. We covered the topics of innovation and creativity and the reasons that schools and businesses don’t support them. We discussed seeing the elephant the room, how a good idea shifts the balance of power, and what makes folks who live by group think get uncomfortable. For a while there, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth was topic on the table.

Let’s just say that we didn’t waste .000000000000001 second on trivial conversation.

Bloggers are intriguing, intelligent people.

B.A.D. Blogger Quote:

If you want to buy stuff off the rack, you might not appreciate what bloggers have to offer. –Victoria Elizabeth aka The Quipping Queen


Quipping Queen owes a big debt of gratitude to a Liz Strauss over at for her kind remarks and thoughtful insights into the wonderful world of blogging.


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