Thursday, November 02, 2006


Or, how in the heck does one find this spot of twee and glee?

By Victoria Elizabeth, Her Royal Majesty, The Quipping Queen & Empress of Eccentricity, whose castle, crown and cataleptic courtiers can often be found lollgagging about in the Land of Flakes, Fruitcakes and Nuts, (otherwise known as the capital city of Beautiful British Columbia, in Canada of course).

Visitors to the Queendom of Quippery often drop by this spot of spoofery quite by accident rather than intent, (as the following list of search engine keywords used to find this bodacious blog might suggest).

I thought it appropriate to share with my rapscallion and ripsnorting readers just how many wayfaring wafflers happen upon this bit of bumpf while perambulating or putzing about this great, gorgeous, and gripping universe filled with all manner of trifling topics designed to tantalize the eyeballs and tickle the mind.

For those who can’t manage to sit still in their seats while flapping their gums, twiddling their thumbs, and wiggling their ears like the rest of the world's wonks, here is a random assortment of weird words and phlegmatic phrases that have been used to open the drawbridge to drollery in the Queendom of Quippery.

  • Best place to find bears in oblivion
  • Broomcloset marketing
  • Dingbat Queens
  • Fairy Godmother’s closet
  • Hellhole Palms, CA
  • HMS Surly
  • Honey Harbour
  • How Now Brown Cow
  • Is Unalasaka boring?
  • Jesters toast
  • Never kick a gift horse in the mouth
  • North Carolina masquerade balls
  • Origin of lollygagging
  • Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario
  • Real estate in Slapout, Oklahoma
  • Rude Boy Chardonnay
  • Shoe stores in pei ugg
  • Snob Hill Chardonnay
  • Things to put on a resume
  • Tiddlywink tournament
  • Twelve days of Christmas parodies
  • Virginia odd spots to visit
  • When life gives you lemons

So, the next time you type “things to do on a boring day” into your web browser, odds are that the Guru of Gaffes & Guffaws, (in charge of internet search engines), will probably send you off on a gleeful goose chase to my neck of the woods.

Who knows, if you smile, bow ever so graciously, and say the magic words that every munchkin knows…you may be lucky enough to be awarded one of our prestigious and pretentious titles like: Duchess of Dweebery, Earl of Extended Knecks, or Patron Saint of Pointy-Heads & Piffle.


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Dave from Snap Up Real Estate said...

So have you noticed an increase in web traffic for 'Things to do when your bored'?

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Sergei said...

Haha! What did you find when you typed “things to do on a boring day”?


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