Friday, September 10, 2004


Or, what’s in a name?

What do “Salvage”, “Dildo” and “Heart’s Desire” have in common?

Well these titillating monikers belong to several quaint, little communities in Newfoundland (one of Canada’s Atlantic provinces, for the uninitiated).

These charming little out-of-the-way gems (most folk have never heard of let alone laid eyes upon) also share another distinction; they have all been named “First Place Award Winners” in Harrowsmith Country Life’s “Top 10 Prettiest Towns in Canada”.

Let’s face it, Newfoundland, affectionately called, “The Rock”, is home to some rather fascinatingly odd, categorically unusual, if not utterly whimsical place names.

So, if you’re tired of tacky tourist traps, why not venture forth into the great unknown of uncertainty and bewilderment. You have nothing to lose and who knows, you might even enjoy a slight tickle of your funnybone.

I'm certain that you'll get a kick out of the warm hospitality exhibited by Newfoundlanders. No doubt, you'll also catch a glimpse of more than a few naughty nooks and capricious crannies on Canada's dearly beloved “pet rock”.

Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the following picturesque piffling places.

· Bottle Cove
· Boxey Harbour
· Brig Bay
· Burnt Islands
· Chance Cove
· Conception Harbour
· Cow’s Head
· Cupids
· Dead Man’s Bay
· Duntura
· Dunville
· Farewell
· Flat Bay
· Fogo
· Fortune Harbour
· Gallows Cove
· Gambo
· Gander
· Goobies
· Goose Arm
· Happy Adventure
· Happyvalley-Goose Bay
· Hatchet Cove
· Heart’s Content
· Heart’s Delight
· Hooping Harbour
· Indian Tickle
· Joe Batt’s Arm
· Jumpers Brook
· Leading Tickles
· Little Burnt Bay
· Lushes Bight
· Malignant Cove
· Monchy
· Mosquito
· Musquodoboit Harbour
· Nipper’s Harbour
· Paradise
· Petty Harbour
· Pinware
· Plum Point
· Pushthrough
· Quirpon
· Quidi Vidi
· Shag Harbour
· Seldom
· Separation Point
· Snook’s Arm
· Snug Harbour
· Sop’s Arm
· Tickle Beach
· Tilting
· Tizzard’s Harbour
· Virgin Arm

and last but not least... Witless Bay!


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