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By Susan Snitterby, social butterfly and frequent patron of the Victoria Crumpets & Tea Club, and more importantly, a special event reporter for the "Lost Lemon Daily News"

Reaction continues to pour in to the standing-room only “1st Annual Feast of Fools”, held on Friday, April 1 at James Bay Coffee & Books in Victoria, British Columbia.

“What would April 1st be without food for thought from a fool?” asked Oliver Mincher, professional fop and a philanderer.

B.J. Bunkum III, a celebrated boondoggler (and dedicated government backbencher representing the Gulp Islands), reported that the event was “a fantastic flop”. He was deeply disappointed that he failed to secure a prize in the “Flapdragon Competition”, although he had to admit he had won a box of “Smarties” (for being a good sport).

On the other hand, Sherlock Tidpit, a truculent turnip grower from Silly Billy Farms in Snookums, gave the event a “green thumbs up”! He especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet a real-live party-tosser by the name of “Patricia” (who lured him into a fool’s gold game where he lost his pokey for the night).

Sir Thomas Tipplewick, (Director of the Royal Museum of Commodes & Tinkle Pantries), was simply elated with the opportunity to meet and greet so many “beautiful boat people” from the “Ship of Fools” (docked in nearby Victoria Harbor).

Bumby Pymble, Esq. (former Doorman at the Mad Hatter Club, and now an official Wall-Tart Greeter), was delighted with the fabulous flutophone, fluglehorn and fiddlestick performances by “Three Snakes in the Grass”, “Two Turtle Hens”, and saucy storytelling by someone called “Lover”, and an uppity upstart named the “Queen of Everything”.

“Fool on the Hill” and other merry melodies flowed from the keyboard of Michael “H” followed by giggling guitar solos from “Dan the DJ Vocalist”. Not to be outdone by the musicians, “Greenman” (a jestfully-inclined “artiste”), “Dean” (the clever caricature man), and “Marioposa” (the official event shutterbugger) captured the odd expressions on more than a few foolish faces.

A guest appearance by Victoria Elizabeth, HRH ‘The Quipping Queen’, Empress Of Eccentricity, and Patroness of Grand Pooh-Bahs, highlighted the folly occasion (which was a good thing since Associated Press in Washington DC had called the day before to find out if the queen even existed and if the event was for real)!

And, a very big vote of thanks was given to the jocular-minded owners and staff of James Bay Coffee & Books, plus the volunteer vamps from the “Dialogue Strings Circle Society” of Victoria, not to mention several wild women wearing jester costumes (who wondered if they had sashayed in on the wrong party).

A good time was had by all, (judging from the mess left behind). And thankfully the monsoon and high winds that struck the city on April Fools’ Day kept the rest of the fops and fonkins away until next year!


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remember, what happens at the 1st annual feast of fools festival, stays at the 1st annual feast of fools festival.

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