Friday, March 10, 2006


A Motivational Moment for Misguided Masters & Mutts

By Hugo Hotagen, DDD (Duke of Doorknobs & Doghouses), a loyal lapdog-in-training apprenticed to the affable, agnostic and all-round air-headed Court of the Quipping Queen.

Here are a few quaint, quirky, and quintessenial quotations in honor of the "Year of the Dog":

"Wise dogs don't bark." (Author unknown)

"Wise dogs smile, you know."
(The Wizard's Tears, Maxine Kumin and Anne Sexton, 1975)

"It's a wise dog that obeys its own master." (Proverb)

"It's a wise dog that scratches its own fleas." (Proverb)


Speaking of chronologically-gifted clever canines (or hounds with heaps of horse-sense), why not mosey on over and check out "Wise Dog Cards" at

By the way, who'd a thought that dudes and damsels trying to dodge doggy doo doo would have inspired the unforgettable "I heart New York" (logo)? about what this top-dog graphic designer responsible for this indelible icon has to say:


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