Thursday, February 01, 2007


Or, bring on some odd, strange, and weird things to do!

By Lady Beatrice Blitterlees & Lord Earl Craboon, two party-tossing twits of some renown.

February is no ordinary month. It’s full of feisty, frisky and fun things to do, especially if you’re into celebrating the end of winter (Groundhog Day), not to mention lots of hogs (Chinese New Year’s – The Year of the Golden Pig), and kisses (Valentine’s when Cupid cavorts about with his bow and arrow reminding us why love makes the world go round).

February 2WIP WING BOWL in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US) an annual gluttonous get-together for cockamamie consumers. Twenty contestants will compete against five pesky poultry palates from the International Federation of Competitive Eaters (IFOCE) to see who munches the most chicken wings in 30 minutes.

February 3 - ARROGANT WORMS - a trio of titillators will perform at the Creekside Theater, in Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada) -- all you could ask for from Canada's self-proclaimed Clowned Princes of Humor, Purveyors of the Absurd, and Ambassadors of Fun!

February 14 - Cupid and Cassanova may be busy today, so you might want to drop by a pick up a pesky greeting from the folks at Valentine's From Hell.

February 15 - FLAG DAY IN CANADA -- First find Canada on a map, now design a new flag for this curious country full of crazy Canucks, (which may include but not be limited to loose moose, boisterous beavers, or something called Sasquatch. For more information please contact Rick Mercer.

February 18 - CHINESE NEW'S YEAR'S -- Yippee -- It's the "Golden Year of the Pig", time to pick up one of those heavenly hogwash t-shirts and celebrate!

Before February 20 - SOUTHWEST AIRLINES is sponsoring a contest seeking super-duper snicker videos made by "you" promote wierd or wonderful excursions to any of their 63 dazzling destinations.

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