Friday, January 12, 2007


Or, why not celebrate with a pigskin parade!

By Theolonius McTavish, a ribald rasher who's known to tell bawdy barnyard tales to tipplers at the Hogshead Pub

According to Chinese astrology, 2007 is “The Year of the Pig”. This is welcome news to the “Boars”, “Hogs” and “Swine” of the world who have not had much company to speak of in their end of the quagmire or swamp.

Sus scrofa are said to be gregarious grunts who though they have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances actually have few close buddies who share their passion for mucking about in the mud. Chivalrous and gallant, these cloven hooved critters don’t talk much with is a breath of fresh air considering the stench that often surrounds them.

Swine are not slackers. As a matter of fact, boozy boars have a great thirst for knowledge that includes the ever popular “Bottoms Up”,Freddy Fudputter”, and “Fuzzy Navel”.

Rabbits and sheep are most compatible with boars. After all, how many creatures do you know that are willing hang out with hogs who avoid turning left or right and definitely have never heard of the word retreat.

So with all that in mind, just what does one say when encountering a pig this year?

  • I’ll bet you know what a pig-in-a-poke is eh? (Used with a prudish pig from Canada.)

  • I think I'll curl up with a crumpet and a pig-in-a-blanket. (Used with a British boar.)

  • If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s folks who eat like pigs! (Used with generously-proportioned personalities who frequent Piggly-Wiggly’s far too much.)

  • I’m not going to be your guinea pig! (Used with scientifically-inclined swine.)

  • Me, marry that breathtaking boar. In a pig’s eye I am! (Used with ugly ungulates.)

  • I’m tickled pink to hear all about it. (Used with a porcine personality you’re trying to impress.)

  • I admire pigskin people. (Used with SuperBowl-infatuated swine.)

  • Pigtails aren’t your thing, are they? (Used with sveltless, statuesquely-challenged sows or members of the Pigmalion family.)

  • I wouldn’t get to swill-headed about that if I were you. (Used with a pigpen playmate.)

  • It's as plain as a pig on sofa. (Used with who deny the existence of an elephant in their living room.)

  • Piglet, what a squealing sensation you are. (Used with an immature member of the swine family.)

  • Bring home the bacon but leave your pig at home! (Used with a sweat-hog.)

  • Of course I love watching pigments dry. (Used with a paint-by-numbers pig.)

  • I’m not sure I understood all your hogwash, could you repeat that again? (Used with a buzzword boar or a red-tape rasher.)

  • I'm here to see the guy who can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. (Used with those who aspire to live high on the hog.)

  • Being pigheaded certainly does pay off. (Used with stubborn swine.)

  • I can see you know how to make a pig's ear. (Used with those who manage to muck-up anything they touch).

  • Watching you pig-out on brussel sprouts renews my faith in veganism. (Used with gluttonous green-oriented grunts.)

  • Having a super snout is great for digging up the dirt on on the competition. (Used with cosmetically-challeged cartilaginous critters who muck about just for the heck of it).

  • Pocco Rosso's my favorite flying pig. (Used with porcine pilot comic book fanatics or those who are allergic to flying cows and flying nuns).

  • Please clean-up your pig-pen before you go out and play. (Used with adolscent aardvarks).

  • I see you use everything but the squeal. (Used with fussy or thrifty sausage-makers.)

And when all is said and done, never forget that miracles happen every day. So keep your eyes open, because pigs can fly (at least they do in hog heaven) and some of them even been coaxed to turn fluorescent green (when served with ham probably)!


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At 11:42 PM, Anonymous lucky number said...

2007 is the Chinese Red Female Pig Year - Red being equivalent to the element of Fire, and Female because 2007 is a Yin Fire year.

The Pig is the 12th and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac and the New Year begins on the 18th February. 2006 was the year of the Fire Dog and was a year of structure. This year will focus on making things comfortable and finishing off unfinished projects and achieving goals. The year of the Fire Pig is meant to be auspicious bringing good fortune and prosperity. It is an excellent year to marry and have children. However it will not be a peaceful year, wars and natural disasters, particularly those connected to fire and water such as bushfires, volcanos, floods and tsunamis will occur causing the economy to blow hot and cold. Rising real estate prices will continue and homeowners and builders will do well. Fire Pig is well known for luck in money and speculation, particularly for those who share and do good deeds for the poor.


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